Self-care Sunday. (+Saturday night)

Some trauma from the past has reared its ugly head this weekend. So last night, I took a long, hot, bath, where I did breathing exercises, cried a little, and thought about my options for confronting the trauma. Then I painted my fingernails and toenails with femme flags, ate tacos, and put on lotion over my whole body, in bed, while watching movies.

Today, I slept until I wanted to get up, ate a little food, and wrote a long e-mail to the person I needed to confront, at the end of which I told him not to reply or attempt to contact me in any way. Then I took a crying shower (crying in the shower). Now, I plan on spending the entire day, in bed, in my beautiful bathrobe. I may eat some tamales, in bed, while watching a movie. I might just sleep some more.

(sorry my webcam takes such shitty pictures)

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